Currently In Progress:
Satan is a Woman: Satan is a Woman started out as a novel back in the 9th or 10th grades and having lost the original manuscript had swept it aside till just a few months ago when I was taking a theater class. I decided to adapt it into theater and hope to one day turn it into a Rock Opera or at least a musical! though I’d be happy if I just completed it.

Untitled Chapbook 3: I have a few ideas building up and already a good chunk of new poetry and hundreds of old ones that I need to throw together. Hoping to throw these all around someday and get published!

“My Empty Face”: A chapbook that I did during my Junior year of H.S. Some of my best poems and inspiration came from this piece.

365 Days Past July: A 365 day project (obviously) where I wrote at least one poem a day for an entire year. Documents poetry from July 26 2010 to July 26 2011. If you wish to see some of this old poetry just go to

“The Cup’s Half Empty, The Cup’s Half Full”: This is a chapbook that I did recently of many poems from my 365DPJ project and poems I wrote for the project itself. If anyone would like a PDF of either file just let me know and I’ll email it to you or post a link here!


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