He’s been hiding from secrets,
That he’s been afraid to tell.
Hiding behind these walls
That are hard to fell.
Maybe, he can finally
Open the door;

But he hides in the corner,
Trying to forget life for a spell.
“It’s just going to keep getting harder.
So why do you close your eyes?
You’ve opened some doors,
But you keep closing more and more.”

He doesn’t know what his problem is,
It used to be so hard to get him to cry.
As much as he would like to sing,
There isn’t much to be singing about.
“Just keep your head up above water,
Don’t let your light get drowned out,
By the sound of your dying heart
Don’t forget that you’re still living.
If you give up now, where will you go.
You’ve always wanted this, but now
You hide, behind those giants walls.”

So what if I just try to get away for awhile.
I feel like I’m suffocating, but I can’t leave
Not yet, not now, but why do I feel so dead.
I feel like I’m decaying, rotten flesh. So this
Is what it feels like to fall apart at the seams.
I wish there were an easy answer to what’s
Wrong with me. Could there be, an easy fix?
That’s optimistic, I highly doubt it. But there’s
Hope, maybe I can get out of this alive.

I want to keep this thing strong, but it keeps
Falling apart. Take two steps forward, and I
Take ten more back. I hardly get anywhere,
I just keep going in circles. Is there a way to
Make things work; without completely giving
Up all that has made me, me. Or am I just afraid
Of growing up. I’m no peter pan; sure seems like
I am.