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My eyes dart back and forth
Feeding on frenzies
Livid creatures scream at me.
I’m nothing but a ghost
He’s nothing but a dream.
I wreak havoc on Earth
I whistle and turn
I’m living and dying
Broken in pieces.
I reach out my hand
I see two, I see four
I see a shadow.
You see me.
I am you
You are me.
This is everything
We will ever be.
Growing out of nothing
Starting and stopping and
Bending to nothing to
Everything as well as the art
The heart of a student
Help me, my lover
Help me, my friend
Help me, I’m more
Than just mentally damned.
Help me, I love you
Help me, my father
Help me, for I am gone
Help me, for I am mad.
__Picture it & Write Prompt