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Have you ever felt
That all this shit has got to stop?
Have you ever felt
That if given a chance you’d explode?

Stop don’t wait another day
The world could end tomorrow.
Stop don’t wait another day
Your life could end this way.

Never ever stop
Never ever leave
Never lose sight
Of what you can’t see.
Open your eyes
Get up on your feet.
See through the lies
Open your eyes.

I am a phantom
I am a helicopter
Floating in and out of
sight. Is this alive?
I don’t understand the reasons
Why I am here
Why we are here.
We just live in idle currents
Passing through the days
The nights they come
With heavy burdens
Tying us in
Sheer pink curtains.
Tying us in riddles
Playing us like fiddles.
We’re kept in cages
Hidden rages
Can we let the bomb explode?

Open the door
Open the way
Explore the tomorrow
Find a new gate.
Lie in wait,
Love don’t ache.
Close the door.
Hide the key.