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It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a proper blog post. I think back in July I started this blog expecting it to be something different from my previous treks into blogging. A long time ago I had a blog that was called “Dear Devin, Where’d You Go?” I still like the name but it wasn’t so much where I went but why I was going there. The journey in itself was irrelevant. I was in a pretty weird time in my life. I was in one of my “Finding myself” stages shortly after a break up that in the long run allowed me to grow up and take a step towards adult-hood. It evolved from a journal into me posting a lot of my poetry and then it died off for awhile too.

After a little bit of time trying to figure out something that my creatively charged mind could do, I discovered the 365 Days Project. Where you do something every day for an entire 365 days. So what am I good at? Writing poetry, that is what I a good at. So I started a new blog “365 Days Past July” (I started said project on July 26, 2010) and got rid of my old blogs “Dear Devin, Where’d you go?” and began my awesome action packed journey in the wonderful world of daily written poetry. This project spawned well over 600 poems in a 12 month period that’s like insane! I covered an amazing length of ground and my poetry notebooks are full to the brim with shitty forced poetry.

Now what do I do when I’m done with that? I didn’t really have much of a fan base but I didn’t want to change what I had been working on for over a year and try to do something to it. So I created a new one. “The Sunday Mail” originated in one of the poems that I wrote for my 365DPJ project and I explain about it here on TSM’s Tumblr page.

So when I started this blog I wanted to try and do something different besides posting poems, but that’s what I’m good at. I can write a poem in 15 minutes flat and people I know tell me some of them seem like I’d worked on them for awhile. Sometimes, yeah I have those. I’m still working on one on and off, but I can write poetry like crazy. So, I guess that’s what I’ll keep doing, keep writing poetry, keep doing what I do best, and maybe talk about random shit along the way.

– Dev