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I’ll tell myself lies to get away.
This is what I have to do to be okay.
There will be days where I will hate you.
But I can’t ever hate you.
These 2 years were the best I had.
Even the darkest, the last few months.
I don’t think I could ever hate you.
But I gotta find away,
To separate the truth from my life.
I’ll always love you deep down,
But I got to bury us as lovers.
And hang up the pictures of us as friends.
Maybe in time we’ll meet again
In ways that we did in the past.
But I won’t hold my breathe.
I don’t want to bury myself too.
So I’ll push on,
Telling myself lies
So I can get ahead in life.
So I can still have you in my life.
I’m so selfish,
But I don’t care.