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Send me away
Send me away to better days
When the sun comes up tomorrow
Will you still be there
Trying to find yourself in another love song?
Will you still be there
Looking for yourself?

I promise you
I promise you won’t be able to find yourself
Lying in the dark listening to them songs, girl.
I can tell you
Right here right now,
Even if you stayed there for days
Listening to them tunes.

I know even though they play you by the chords
I see them pull your strings
I see that they mean everything

I’m sorry girl
Even though they make your world shine
They can’t clean you up
They’ll only tear you down
But maybe in time you’ll learn to look past yourself

These songs that they wrote
They aren’t about you.
These words are their own.
They weren’t written for you.
They were made about themselves
In the arms of someone else.
Even though they were meant to be believable
They can’t believe in you.
And even though you think you can see yourself
In their reflection.
Maybe you’re blind and you just fall apart to the rhymes.

Even if you listen to them a thousand more times.
I promise you won’t find yourself in these love songs.
You can’t, You cannot find yourself in love songs.

So take your chances
Run amuck.
Take back what’s yours
Don’t hide in the gutters.
Take your time
But don’t waste your life.

Jump off a mountain into the ocean.
Turn back your gaze,
Look through the haze of the wine.
Maybe you’ll see in time.
Everything will come together in the end.
But tonight’s not your day
This song’s not your way to redemption.
You can’t find yourself in these letters
That someone else wrote to somebody else.
These weren’t meant for you
They weren’t even meant for me.

And girl I’m sorry but,
I can’t believe that you dug yourself this rut.
And even though your days are numbered
You can’t give up.
And when the days turn to night,
The night’s turn to weeks,
And the months disappear.
And 20 years later
You can’t be sitting
There listening to these love songs.

These letters were never meant to be read by
Someone as conceited as you.
And even though you believe in them
They’ll never believe in you.

So take up the time
Take all your time
Because you only got one life.
Take your chances
Fill life with romances
Jump off a mountain
And into the ocean.
Turn back your gaze
And look through the haze of the wine.
Because these days
Are the last of your life
And remember that even if you think
That you are invincible.
Just look in the mirror.
And remember that you are not.

And even though there are days when you
Still believe that these songs were written just for you and me.
They were meant for anyone but ourselves.

So please tell me,
You won’t be here
In 20 years
Listening for something to believe in
Something for you to be.

Can you promise me now
That you won’t fall
That you will try
Before you die.
To go out of your house
And try to find yourself

Because you know that they never
Meant these songs to be for you
They weren’t even meant for me.
They were made for someone besides yourself.
They were written in letters and love notes
For somebody else and never for you.

So get off your knees.
And go into the future.
So give up on this and
Learn to be yourself.
Give up on trying to find yourself
In love songs.