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I’ve got this ache in my heart,
I got this feeling in my gut.
I can’t stop believing
Not even for a second
Or I think I would quit breathing.

Don’t stop beleivin
Even when the world
Breaks down.
Don’t stop believing
Even when the world
Looks brown.
Even with the decay
Catching on to my brain
I don’t think I could ever stop
As long as I’ve got this ache in my heart
I won’t be better off till I’m dead.
I feel like living on instead.
I said, “Do you ever feel like dying.
I sure know what you mean, I’ve been crying.
All this shit that’s been going on
It’s rough, but we gotta act like we’re tough.
Put on your game face and don’t look back.
They wouldn’t want you to stop too long.
I’m sure if they could do one thing
It would be never to look back
Just one regret can tear at you
So don’t let it get at you
Don’t let it near your heart
Because it will rip it right out.
Just take the dive
Take the leap
Don’t waste another day or week
Because if there was one thing I’d regret
Is looking back, and not living right now.”

I’ve got this ache in my heart still
Trying to remember how to feel.
I’m sure I’ll be okay someday.
But sure as hell not today.
I’m gonna close my eyes and pretend
That it was me and not you instead.
Then I can understand.
What must be going through your head right now.

We can’t stop believin’
Not even for a second
Or I think that we’d quit breathin.