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You taught me how to be a man,
How not to give a shit.
Even when you weren’t being a man
And you were just streaking across the tv.

You taught me how to not trust a thing,
But the things you miss.
You taught me to believe
That I alone, can be the man I have to be.

You guys taught me how to laugh
At dick jokes, and depression.
You guys taught me how
Not to put a toaster in the bath
And that maybe you can be happy
If you just don’t give a shit
And have a good time.

You taught me that it wasn’t my fault
You taught me how to live my life.
You taught me how to be me
And that’s all I’ll ever need to be.
You made it okay to laugh at things
That mom and dad, didn’t like.
You made me love your silly songs
Like “Family Reunion” and “I Wanna fuck a dog”
But you’re more than just those silly pranks.
You taught me how to not take myself so seriously.

I listened to your shit backwards,
I started at the end,
When you guys were getting all grew up.
So I thought I needed to grow up
But then I got way back in the day
And realized I needed to be making prank phone calls
I needed to be doing stupid shit
Shit that kids do.
Just be a kid,
Just be young
You guys taught me all of this
I need to grow up
But not forget who I am.

You taught me how to be a man
And how to care at all.
You taught me how to believe and love
And that there is hope after all.

You taught me how true friends will
And always will be friends.
You taught me how to get right up
And get back up on my feet.

You taught me how there will always be
Loss and terror in your life.
It’s not those events that define your life
It’s how you handle them, you’ll never forget.

You guys taught me about the way
That I have to be.
You taught me things that only you can see.
And that I could see through your songs.
I was just a kid, when I got your records.
Just a boy, who wanted to sing a song
Now I write letters,
I turn them into notes,
I turn them into poetry,
I turn them into truth.
I live my life by the words you sang,
And every day I wake
I tell myself a little harmless lie.
“The Whole Wide World Is Mine”