When it gets cold I think of you
And how you used to be so warm
Like a guiding light so strong.
But now you’ve gone
And ruined everything
That inspired this song.
So I regret everything I never said
That could have kept you away from this path
And the words may become so convoluted
The letters may become so long.
And you may not be able to read
The clues laced throughout the riddles.
When I say I love you
I twist poison in the verse
Fusing murder with this kiss.
A goodnight with a murderous intent.
Like saying goodbye but stabbing you.
What can I do
But continue lying to your face.
Because I’m not strong enough to say
I hate you
Because I still don’t know if they are right
I still don’t know how to tell my own decisions
My own ideas from those told to me.
I’m still a child in so many things
But more of a man than a woman you’ll ever be.
I’ll die a martyr before you become a saint.
Because tyranny breeds tyranny
While I stand here for what I don’t believe in
Because I’m man enough to say I’m wrong