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I’m tantalizing secrets
I wish I’d learn to hide them.
From memories to my feelings
You know what lies inside em.
I’m lost inside the motions
Of the dead and the dying.
The moments before falling
Headlong into the ocean.
This second daydream reminds me
Of the time before the fall.
When everything was perfect
Except we weren’t there at all.
It’s kind of hard to imagine
That this used to be the way
The way we lied in hiding.
The way we fell astray.
I’m sick of falling in the dark.
I’m becoming so trapped and jaded
This is what I fought for and died?
Why do we do this to ourselves?
Tormenting our loves
And our lives.
We like to twist the pages
Until they are aligned
To what they need to be
And what they’ll never turn out as.
I know we’ll take the magnifying
Glass out of it’s case.
We’ll try to erase the mistakes
we’ve made along the way.