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Why can’t I get a grip on reality,
It’s falling out from under me.
Slipping away so consciously.
I can’t focus,
I’m screaming inside my head.
Falling apart at the seams
Every footstep
Every memory
Playing through my head.
I see you walking away.
I scream in my head “Please stay!”
I don’t know what I need,
I don’t know what you need,
I don’t know if I have the strength
To take that one final leap.
What if you’re not the one.
What if you are the one?
What if I screw up?
What if it falls apart?
What if it was never meant to be?
What if it was?
What if,
What if,
What if,
I need you?
What if,
What if,
What if,
I don’t?
I don’t want to wait too long
I need just to wait awhile.
I’m going in circles
I can’t keep it straight.
I’m sorry,
I’m livid
I just can’t sleep.
I’m slipping,
I’m falling,
I’m bending in two
I just want to know
I just need to see,
I’m sorry.