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I’ve always wanted to write a song
That meant something.
I’ve always wanted to be someone
Yet instead of writing of the way things be
I’ve always wrote about all the bad things,
Never any of the good;
And when the good falls away
And the bad comes,
It’s no surprise
That I’ve made a fool of myself again.
Words tumble out of my mouth
Without a second though.
Selfish and void of sense.
I can never see
Never feel my way
Without falling away.
Sitting at the bottom of a bottle
I can view the future
I can view the past
And painfully feel the present.
Because when I look into the future
I see the painful fog of the unknown
And when I look into the past
I see things I wish I could have done different
But know that regret is not the answer.
Regret is never the answer.
The only thing that matters
Is that I make the best of the time I have
And letting what is meant to be
Come to be