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This is the end.
The end of a road we’ve lived
For so long.
Days, months, and years gone past.
A lie that we’ve avoided
Have we been all we’ve wanted?

Sun, as you go down tonight
Will you remember me?
Will you recall my face?
Or will I just fade away with time?
Will I become a ghost
And will you go on living
Leaving me like a murderer leaves his victim

It’s been a long time.
Almost so long I can’t remember your face.
I was so sure I couldn’t go on.
All alone I was a wreck
I was falling off the tracks
Wondering if we could pick up the pieces someday.

Moon, as you go down tonight
Will you let sleep overtake me?
Will you save my life?
Or will you let me die away?
Will I become a corpse
And will I just give up?
Will I just dissapear into the night,

I’ve fallen
Just like the stars.
Fading into the great void
Beyond. These days I must,
I will change my mistakes
Before I lose everything.

Love, when you lay your head to sleep.
Will you remember us?
Will you recall the times we had?
Or will we, just fade away with time?
Will we become just that dust?
Will we be swept away by fate?
Is this really the end
Or just the start of another