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I’m surrounded by the memories
Of things that used to be
But are not anymore.
I remember when the walls came down,
But not they’re being built up again.
Or maybe I just haven’t noticed,
Maybe they were being built all along.

I’m staring out into space,
Trying to make sense of this reality.
Or is this even real at all,
A mockery of my understanding
And your existence.
If this isn’t real,
Then neither are you.
If you aren’t real
Then what am I?

I’m nothing but a ghost,
Inside my skull,
This body is nothing
But dust and dirt.
No feeling, so nothing hurts.
Without pain,
And without hope,
What’s to live for after all?

I’m staring out into space again,
Wondering how we got here.
I’m wasting away into oblivion.
I can feel the letters suffocating
Everything that’s left,
Is hell all we have now?
God, please show me how
To give up,
To go on.
And to never turn back,
To never back down.