What It Is All About.
It’s only been such a short time,
Yet it feels like it’s drug on and on.
I never thought
That we’d be here
Somewhat a hundred miles apart.
I’m still getting over things,
It only gets worse before it gets better.
Oh how it hurts when I see your reflection
In the mirror from my eyes.
I can’t hide
From my own gaze,
I’ve been afraid of it for days;
But I’m okay,
And I’ll press on.
I can’t keep hoping on
A new love song.
We always said
We’d do it all
On our own.
And maybe that’s what
Set the course
For our present where abouts.
I’m not angry,
I’m not bitter.
I’ve definitely grown
Since that March.
I don’t hold it against you,
And I don’t think I ever will.
Just if you come home,
And I’m still waiting.
Think before you say
Those three words
That are said too much.
Think before you say
What you know I want to hear.
Because, I don’t think
I could handle this again.
And It hurts, I know it hurts.
I know it does because I get hurt
At the randomest of times.
I could swear you and me are still in tune.
Maybe I lost some of that,
Or maybe I’m a loon.
Maybe what I’ve been sure of for so long
Is exactly where I have been wrong.
I can hope,
And I can pray.
But I won’t keep on waiting this way.
I know what I want this very day,
But I don’t know what I’d do
If you came through that door
And tried to sweep me away.
I ask myself sometimes
When I go asleep.
If she wept for me,
Like I wept for you;
And I answer this question
With “Yes, I know you did.”
We wept together,
Half naked in each other’s arms.
So I know you did,
All alone,
And that’s all that matters
That I’m not alone.
That the last 23 Months
Didn’t go by in vain,
And I keep telling myself this
And I stay sane.
Don’t worry about me,
I worry about you too much.
I still do,
And I still will.
I’ll keep on living,
And I’ll keep on walking.
This time the door is only semishut.