It’s always when teh lights go out
The dreams and fears and wants crawl out.
when the dark takes hold
the night takes control
Takin the words from your mouth
I’m sick fool I’m spinning out at last.
Where was I?
I’m losing my mimd
Begging for the end
But the end wont ccome
I want her I need her
I see her I know her.
You do?
What if she changed
what if she’s no longer the same girl
You been with so long before
Has the metaphorical death come upon her.
and she’s gone onto the next life
Without you?
Are you sick of this slump
Sick of this dump
Known as tville
You swivel outta sight
Trying to avoid the mike
Cuz you are scared
Afraid of what you’ll find there
Your words sting
Because they like venom.
She used to be the antidote
But now you choke,
You stuck here
Pounding you’re head to the rhythm
Of your stylistic division
Could I ever be coungtry enough
Could you ever rock it enough
Was it so wrong to cross the lines
From a farmer to writer
Big city dreams
And a white picket fence.
Maybe I’m finally getting the picgture
At the beginning of this I was angry
Now at this point I’m a bit surly
Hell I know it’s early
I got to get my shit together
And act like a man
Not like some anchovies locked in a can
I got to ball up
and step towards the drummer
Tell him I want a new beat
With more twists and turns
With a breakdown like nobodies heard
It will tear the roof off these houses
And rip the skin off these bitches asses.
the ones who always let me down
And never believed in me.
I got the heart to show it.
Enough to share with the whole world
Even though I owe it none.
None of the fruits of my labor
It’s not like she’s ever gone and done me a favor.
Maybe I’m bitter
Maybe I’m cold
Maybe I’m a hot slice.
but I just feel like ice.
Are you sure your meant for the 2-1-7
Swear you said you were going to heaven
Not taco bell
Guess tomorrow I’ll see you in hell
It’s an adrenaline rush
Then they all hush
The minds in my head
They make me feel dead
Because I’ve never had a single thought that’s my own.
Guess I got to find a way to go it alone.
but I’m on it
A bonnit
a bouncin baby boy
I’m crazy
I’m just lazy.
I’ll put this in my mouth
this hate
this love
Lost and found
It’s all I’ve ever found.
It’s all i’ve ever lost.
I don’t know what I need no more
I guesss I’ve never known
One step
One chance
Thats all you’ve got
Cuz one shot’s all you’ll ever get.