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I don’t know what I want,
And I don’t know what I need.
This separation has driven me crazy;
It’s blinding me so far worse
Than I’ve ever been blinded before.
I’m losing sight of the future,
All I can grasp is the past.
My sense of direction is faulty.
I’m running out of gas.
It seems as though the cycle begins
Again, after I thought it had finally end.
I know these words may seem strange,
And they may be worthless in the end.
I’ve been filled with a lot of doubt.
I’m sure you know what it’s all about.
I know the past is what it is,
And the future will be what it will.
I know that I’ll be okay,
It’s just so hard to get going again.
I’d been complacent,
I know I was.
I know I was.
So now I have to take the time
To rev up the engine again.
I got to build up speed
And kick some ass.
So I can live again.
If in time,
Our path’s cross again.
Who knows where that will end.
I won’t hold my breath,
Because the wind will take me there.
We’ll both find our own peace of mind
Eventually someday we will be free,
And I will understand the purpose of this test.
One step at a time.