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Writing I’ve come to realize is a great escape and even better way to put all of your ideas in one place and eyeball them furiously. The computer has made writing an easier thing while also dumbing it down (depending upon the person or persons) in some cases it has created a brand new niche of average Joe writers. Writing is easier now than it ever has been, but doing the writing is still as difficult as it was back in Edgar Allan Poe’s time. Writing takes the right type of person with patience and perseverance. You’re going to fall down many times and not know what you are going to accomplish. You must find your place and find what you are good at. Me, I’ve been writing poetry for the last year and have realized that even though poetry is my favorite thing to do I need to branch out and try other things. So with this blog I want to write thoughts and experiences and share things that I figure many people have already done. Maybe though I can share something that will help someone figure out there place or finally find out their niche. It’s always good to see things from many different perspectives because you are then seeing them with a different eye (so to speak).

I’ve always wanted to know what causes the urge to write in other people. Me I just feel a tugging at my heartstrings and a pulling on my brain. I feel the words start flowing into my cerebral cortex and I just feel my fingers twitch. It’s like I’m being taken control of and I become this new person. I’m a writer always but when true inspiration strikes I become the writer. I become something far greater and bigger than myself. It’s a touch from the abyss it flows through me with an unrelenting fury and if I don’t get it down I become depressed realizing that I just lost out on something powerful and great. It’s something else I tell you when you feel that energy begin to flow right through you. It’s wonderful and dangerous and just makes me feel bubbly inside. I’m a writer and I always will be. Writing is something that is inescapable in my life and I will always have it within me. Glad to get some of this out there. Thanks you guys :).