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Summer is a very odd time of the year. All winter we wait and wait for the world to come out of its cold comatose so we can spread our wings and fly. Though the long road to summer leads us through bumps and bruises and when it finally gets here we rejoice. Then June turns to July and finally July to August and many of us through the entire Summer moan and complain about how it’s too hot! Life is like this too. From the time we are old enough to talk we are constantly asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Children always look to the future trying to figure out what it is we want to be. We sometimes forget all the little things that make it worth being a kid so we can pursue careers in our interests. Life is so fleeting and we make it flee even faster by getting us all worked up and anxious over the future. Childhood seems to be disappearing. Where have our youth gone? I see ‘kids’ everywhere but they always are trying to be something that they are not. Some are forced into these situations by bad parenting, bullies, peers, and all kinds of stimuli that are out of their control. What has caused this generation to throw away the trappings of childhood so quickly? I know I have been a victim of the idea that we must become bigger, stronger, and better so quickly. We ignore the time of our lives where everything is the easiest. We are shown that adulthood is a more carefree lifestyle and that we can get anything we want when we get there. We are lied to our entire lives by the media and the ones that should be helping us realize our true potential as kids. Creativity gets put on a hold for the ability to push paper, flip patties, and to type on a computer. It’s time that youth is reclaimed and childhood is restored. What’s left in life if you’re forced into adulthood so quickly. Growing up is inevitable, but don’t let it take over so quickly.

What do I want to be when I grow up?

A kid.