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For the last year I have spent writing a poem (or in many case poems) a day. The project has been a daunting and enlightening experience. The poetry that came together in my mind from the abyss has been great, good, bad, and ugly. Writing every day for a year stretches the limits of our connections with the other side. Some of us are always connected to the cloud and some of us must fight for a piece of inspiration. 365 Days Past July has been my pet project since July of 2010. My life will not be the same now that I’m coming to the end of my project. I have 22 days left until the last poem in the project will be completed and I will forever close my connections with 365DPJ. The blog which has been an inseparable part of my life for the last 12 months will become an archive for my work as I then begin the next step in my journey.

Starting in august I will be beginning my collegiate career looking to enter into editing in the area of communications or in literature. I’ve decided that for most of my life so far writing has been an integral piece of me. Which is why over the course of the last year even though I stretched myself to the limit I prevailed. I may have pushed my own personal deadlines to the very limit (by starting a poem twenty minutes before midnight and finishing it the following day) , but I still have come to the end of this a new and changed man. Writing like I have for the last year I have had a very good portal into my conscious and subconscious minds. I have grown up in several ways through the words that I have written and have come to important conclusions about life in general.

This long journey would not have been possible without the aid and support of those who I have come across along my way. Pam of NatP (http://notesalongthepath.wordpress.com)  stumbled upon an old blog of mine nearly two years ago and has encouraged my trek through poetry and words this last year. She has also been very supportive as I have asked questions that even philosophers do not know the answers to. Pam I appreciate you more than I think I could ever tell you. Thanks for all the help.

My beautiful girlfriend who has stood behind me every step of the way and who has even inspired some of my works has kept me going steady and strong. She has been a most integral part of 365DPJ in more ways than one person should be able to. I love you most dearly.

My creative writing teacher at my high school if it weren’t for you I would never have begun writing again, you I owe the most. I will never forget your teaching. (Even though punctuation is still my worst. I can at least keep trying right?)

And thank you also to all those people who have in any way shape or form inspired me or granted me words of praise or constructive criticism. You all have been an invaluable resource.

The Sunday Mail is waiting for something that never will happen, but against all odds we will continue to persevere and enter new lands of thought. We are a people who will always learn and change with the times. This blog will be filled with poetry, life, hope, and love. Do yourselves a favor and when you wake up tomorrow tell yourself this little harmless lie.

The whole wide world is mine.